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Angeloni's II Restaurant & Lounge
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Luxury drinks menu

When you need to relax and unwind, come to our lounge and order up a luxury drink. We have cognacs, brandy, scotch, port, armagnacs, tequila, vodka, grappa, sherries, apertifs, and rare cordials on our menu.

Our luxury drinks add an air of sophistication to your meal. You can even drink them by themselves as a treat!

Make a reservation to treat your significant other out!




Remy Martin, Louis XIII


Remy Martin Extra Perfection


Remy Martin XO


Remy Martin 1738


Remy Martin VSOP


Courvoisier XO


Courvoisier Napoleon


Courvoisier VS


Hennessy XO


Hennessy VS


Martell Cordon Bleu


Martell VS


Delamain Pale & Dry


Hennessy Richard

You're guaranteed to find your favorite drink on our menu!

We carry both single malt and rare scotches that have been aged for over a decade.

Revel in our large selection of delectable port wine.


Come to our restaurant with an old friend and catch up on each other's lives while enjoying some cognac. We have other types of liquor on our menu should you have other preferences.

Apertifs and Rare Cordials

When you finish your meal, wrap it up with an apertif or rare cordial. These are nice and light, which are perfect for sitting back with a nice conversation with friends afterwards.


Buton XO (Italy)


Buton Vecchia Romagna (Italy)


Christian Brothers


Christian Brothers XO

Single Malt and Rare Scotches

The Macallan, 25 years old


The Macallan Gran Riserva, 18 years old


The Macallan, 18 years old


The Macallan, 12 years old


Longmore, 15 years old


Bunnahabhain, 12 years old


Oban, 12 years old




Glenfiddich, 15 years old


Glenlivet, 15 years old


Chivas Royal Salute


Chivas (100) the Century of Malts


Johnnie Walker Gold


Johnnie Walker Blue


Dow Boardroom


Sandeman, Founders Reserve


Cockburn’s Special Reserve


Penfold's Club Port


Yalumba Clocktower Port


Croft Port of Distinction


Warre's 1970


Warre's 1977


Warre's 1980


Warre's 1982


Warre's 1983


Loubere Bas 1934


Loubere Bas 1935


Loubere Bas 1036


Loubere Bas 1956


Loubere Bas


Janneau VSOP


Raoul Tequila (Reserva De La Familia' Cuervo)

Luxury Vodka

Chopin (Poland)


Belvedere (Poland)


Grey Goose (France)


Gaja Grappa, Costa Russi


Tenuta Il Poggoine Brunello


Mastroberardino – Grappa de Taurasi


Grappa de Barbi


Sartori – Grappa della Valpolicella


Banfi – Grappa di Brunello


Mazzetti Altavilla – Grappa La Rosa




Harvey’s Bristol Cream


Dry Sack


Sandeman Character Sherry

Aperitifs and Rare Cordials

Grand Marnier, 150 years


Grand Marnier Cenenaire


Amaro Averna (Italy)


Amaro Ramazzotti (Italy)


Campari (Italy)


Cointreau Liqueur (France)


Galliano Liqueur (Italy)


Licor 43 (Spain)


Villa Massa Liquore di Limoni (Italy)